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Being a gamer has been a significant part of my life for many years now. Some people think gaming is a waste of time or immature, but any true gamer can tell you otherwise. It is true that your priorities need to change as you get older but that doesn't mean you have to stop being a gamer.

There was a great reddit post specifically for older gamers who have significant others/spouses and I highly recommend reading that list to keep your house in order.

Serious must read about gaming priorities

One thing I try to always remember is that the next boss or newest adventure will always come back around, yes I know it is difficult to get 6 people together all at the same time. Which brings us to the next topic of discussion - LFG
Personally I use the subreddit "Fireteams" with great results. The destiny community on reddit is mostly an encouraging place for everyone to collect all the tid bits of Destiny. There are also some other and sites that work in a pinch, but I try to steer clear of those. is also a great resource to use if you want to join a clan/meet a group of like minded people. This site allows you to set up a sort of profile for when and how you like to play destiny.

I have meet many friends online and had some great experiences in the virtual world...but on the other hand I have also had some terrible times playing with strangers.

This game has changed my life for better or for worse and it will continue to dominate my free time for the next 9ish years.

Jaunary 2016 has been dubbed 'the dark times' for destiny. Finally the beta/day 1 players have had their fill of the content. Most of these gamers have 3000+ hours in this game and continue to saturate the destiny subreddit with "bungie please" posts.
Think about that for a minute, one single game has held the attention of countless gamers for 3000+ hours. In a world where the attention span of the populace is about 30 seconds bungie has truly delivered something amazing. Perfect? not even there rampant discussion about how badly the story was hacked apart and stitched together? Yes...but at the end of the day the shooting aliens in the destiny universe is extremely satisfactory.

So get out there guardians and remember
the light in me honors the light in you

Below is a list of all my current posts about gaming and other game related topics.


Easy choice here...warlock always

I can neither confrim nor deny this is the absolut best method. Personally I buy all the 3oC I can and try to keep the buff active all the time I am playing.

TLDR - Use the black spindle if you have it. 310+ will make a huge difference.

Get the Chaperon exotic shotgun! 
While the event is around defiantly get started on this quest because it is a total bear to get done through regular crucible....unfortunately the event has come and gone.....

New Content - Sparrow Racing  

Not really my thing, in fact I thought this was a gimmicky sort of event at first. I raced about a dozen times with limited success and never again. However if you did get to Rank 3 you could potentially get 310+ armor drops.

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