Thursday, March 1, 2012

Princess Mononoke - My favorite characters called Kodama

Princess Mononoke

"I have come to see with eyes unclouded by hate."
-Prince Ashitaka

This is my all time favorite Studio Ghibli films. The main idea here is the greed of humans to kill off whatever is in the way in order to make a profit.

The movie starts with a young man riding a red elk in a hidden rural village. Apparently there is something wrong happening, but we don't know what. The prince goes to investigate and finds a demon about to attack his village. The prince distracts the demon from attacking some young villagers and in return he gets touched by this beast and is cursed. The curse begins to eat away at his skin and will eventually consume his soul. The village elders gather to try and help the prince decide what he must do. He cuts off his top knot and leaves his peaceful village forever in search of some cure. He begins to travel west and eventually he meets up with an odd traveler (Billy bob Thornton) who leads the prince to Iron Town.

The leader of the iron town is a malicious woman bent on world domination. She has taken a bunch of brothel women and people stricken by leprosy. The women pump the bellows to smelt iron and the lepers engineered guns that would use the iron retrieved from the nearby mountain.
There once were many large animals that would protect the forest that grew on the mountain, but the lady slowly killed them all.

Watch the movie if you really want to know what happens.
Anyhow my favorite part of the movie is when we get to see these little spirits called Kodama.

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  1. Princess Mononoke... such fond memories!!!!

  2. I wouldnt call Lady Eboshi malicious. She did give the girls jobs so they wouldnt have to be prostitutes anymore and treated them as equals. the same applies to the lepers who she kept safe and bandaged. all her subjects had a feirce loyalty to her and i think thats the main theme of the movie. not that all humans are bad and greedy but that there is no right or wrong sides. they just have different ideas on whats important. Thats the way real life usually is.