Thursday, January 20, 2011

The basic layout used to describe the ideas and concepts of a game

Game Type:
This game will be a RPG first and foremost with some MMO elements
It will be mostly RPG with action and adventure aspects
Style of PVP:
Player Vs Player will only happen in regions that have little to no law. If there is an NPC that witnesses any player vs player that NPC will end the fight.
Each player will be in a sci-fi world with a wonderful mix of technology and simplicity. Each region of the world will have a unique mix of advances in tech.
This world is a dynamic place. Divided into regions with unique aspects of power and resources. Each region will have specific imports and exports. Players will need these things to advance and gain reputation.
Here is where things get tricky. All races will be some sort of humanoid depending on where the user has obtained citizenship and also what skills and knowledge the user has experienced. That being said we have as follows:
  • The Warrior - As the warrior trains and gains power he will obtain larger and stronger weapons along with the ability to make a machine equipped with these weapons. The warrior class will be most difficult to excel in because of the "iron wall" that will separate Fire Nation for the rest of the world.
  • The Magic User - Depending on what type of magic that is studied the black mage or healer will have a frail appearance...I am thinking this will be the bird-like race. Possibly owls and ravens....
  • The Archer - This class is for those who enjoy ranged attacks...this class may be a little "squishy" meaning they can only wear light armors and not much hit points however what they lack in stature they make up with in firepower, the ability to target more precisely, and maybe even a pet of some sort to aid them...these will be the wolf-like humanoids.
  • The Rogue - this will be the up close and personal melee specalist. The rogue class will be excellent at getting close to deal devastating combos hitting critical damage very often. They will also be able to target specific areas on opponents for kill shots, however they are not very strong with the ranged. This will be a puma/jaguar cat-like humanoid.
High Law, Medium Law, No Law
Melee - a school devoted to hitting things with things. The user may find these training facilities more often that any others....this is where users will learn how to wield new close ranged weapons.
Ranged - a school devoted to hitting things with other things at a distance. These are a little more rare and usually a little more hidden/guarded.
Magic - a school devoted to manipulating the flow of energy. There will be many different types of these schools. All different colors of magic may be learned here through proper guidance.
Assassin - a school for all things stealth.The user will learn here how to conceal his/her presence and learn to sneak into places unauthorized. The user will also learn things of a more critical nature is harsh and difficult but very rewarding.
There will be a very unique and somewhat complicated system to make everything. There will be ways to obtain secret quests that will explain how a player can obtain the correct information in crafting. Special machinery will be necessary to craft anything. These machines will be found randomly in the world. Ex
  • You are a new user and you happen to enjoy killing a certain mob that drops pieces of copper, tin and have no idea what to do with them until you come across a tiny cave with a door and through that door you find a furnace to smelt those pieces into ingots. There will be a NPC wandering around to help you find your way and lead you to answers. Upon completion of a few quests for the NPC the user may be allowed free use of the machine ...or maybe even paid to make items.
There is good reason to play this game. It is not just a game to be played. Users will have to battle one another in order to game resources of every kind. Most importantly with an internal stock exchange system everything will have a real money value. The better a region is competing the better the stock. Players will fight to destroy other economies in order for theirs to prosper.

Okay that should be a good start at least.....


  1. Im guessing that since this is a mmorpg each character will have equipment, swords, shields, etc. im just wondering if i pick say a llama how exactly will it hold a sword? or a staff? will it be standing upright? Just a question, I do like the concept of the game though, it is original especially the stock exchange, and book idea.

  2. It has been is now more accurate to my ideas. Thanks for the comment

  3. very long time ago i has idea to make some MMORPG.
    but, this is very long long way to go.
    since i dont have money, i cannot make them.
    now, i can only make some little game only for my hobby.
    i realise those dream never come true today, but maybe another day will come.

    PS: and i try to become entrepreneur too ^^

    sry for my english