Monday, May 8, 2017

An anime called Chobits


This is one of the many animated series that started as a manga (aka comic book) and was later turned into a show by that lovely company named funimation.
Chobits starts off innocent enough. The main character is what I like to refer to as a country bumpkin out somewhere in rural China. He doesn't have anyone to talk to besides thr livestock so he has a bad habit or thinking out load.
Hideki Motosuwa wants to go to college but he doesn't get accepted so he decides to take what little money he has saved up and enlist in a prep school in town. Simple story line so far right?
Well his first day in the city he notices everyone has a personal android/robot/computer called persecoms. He really really wants one for internet exploring.....however he cannot afford one. The rest of the day he continues to talk outloud about wanting a persecom but not being able to afford one. Amazing coincidence happens soon...he is thinking out load about finding a cute persecom in the trash as he is walking past one laying in a pile of trash....he gets a few steps past and does a slow motion double take.
He realizes that these human shaped computers are quite heavy when they are not operating, but eventually he gets the unit back to his little appartment. It just so happens this persecom in particular is very cute and the main character is continuously affected by her looks. It takes him a while to figure out where he on/off switch is located and once he figures it out he almost has a heart attack. The main character is unable to see the persecom as a machine and keeps thinking it is a real person.
Okay so the plot is a little more interesting ...but still the viewer is confused by what is actually going on. I mean another anime about a boy and a pretty female robot??
If you have made it this far the plot begins to unravel around this urban legend about legendary persecoms known guessed it "Chobits". It seems as if Chi is one of these legendary machines however all of her data is heavily it is difficult to know for sure. Eventually Hideki Motosuwa gets to see an email attachment with what looks like chi all wired up with a marking on her leg. The persecoms ARM is covering up the first letter but you can clearly see 'hobit' so its safe to assume the first letter is a 'c'.

Chi also begins to read these odd books about "the one for me and only me" ...its difficult at first to be sure but these books seem to be written for/about Chi.
There is now a plot and the anime is worth watching to see what happens to Chi...will she be abducted? Possibly taken back by her maker or so other unknown villan? Will she fall in love with a human? Will the human love her back?

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Darker than Black the anime

A night sky full of cries hearts filled with lies the contract--is it worth the price? a soul pledged to the darkness now I've lost it, I know I can kill the truth is just beyond the Gate

Another anime I have found thanks to netflix. This one has a plot right out of the gate. Plenty of action and the introduction isn't super lame like some other animes I know.
This anime takes place in a city somewhere in China. There is a massive wall that makes a boundry between the city and 'hells gate' ...which is an area where odd things happen. Apparently one day it just appeared and things began to change. The sky fell and all of the real stars vanished. The real stars were replaced by 'fake' stars, each one corresponding to a contractor.
There are these humans, kept secret from the masses, known as contractors and some know as spectors. Someone who is a contractor has some special ability, but at a cost. They are know to have an involuntary need to pay some price each time an ability is used. This is very interesting to see a reacurring idea of equal exchange across all sorts of stories. Contractors are known to be cold and methodical...with no regard to emotions
Anyhow the first episode show a man running from something and he is on a roof of a tall building, he gets cornered by some sort of police. The man begins to glow blue, which means he is activating his special ability, and he flies into the air. A few blocks away on another roof he lands and runs to a secluded area. This contractor then takes his own finger and breaks it. Our main character is there waiting for him and makes a remark about his 'price' ...the viewer now learns special abilities, like levatation, come with a sacrifice....sometimes that sacrifice is extreme and sometimes it is subtle. The man gets dealt with and the main character dissapears into the night.

Contractors are still mostly human...except they have lost all empathy and compassion for anything. Contractors are thought to be methodical and relentless by the rest of the world. While spectors on the other hand are more like dolls/robots with a human shape. Spectors can move outside of their body through a medium, water or even electricity, and can watch or spectate the things around them. The government has a massive network of these dolls keeping track of the contractors through some odd link to astrology. Every contractor has a star that appears in the fake sky that will 'activate' when that specific contractor is using a special ability. The story revolves around the a syndicate...some mysterious power pulling all sorts of strings. The main character is a unassuming school boy. However when he works as an assassin for the "syndicate" he is known as 'the black reaper'.

Examples of the price to pay:
There is a duo that works for the government and the male has the control over water....his price is smoking cigarettes. The female, who can manifest a storms, must drink beer. Those are the best prices I have encountered...
There is another male who works as a mercenary and his ability is to detonate any blood that is outside of his body...the price to be paid is the initial cut to get the blood flowing so his price is paid before he uses his ability. On the command of his finger snap anything that has his blood on it will explode.
Another woman has the ability to vibrate anything to any frequency using her voice....she has an interesting price. Her price is perpetuated from the previous life she lived....he daughter choked and died on cigarette butts and therefore he price is to swallow and hack up cigarette butts.
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Cat Returns a studio ghibli film

 The Cat Returns

This is an earlier studio ghibli film and if you happen to have seen most of the other films you will notice a common character. This story is light, upbeat and generally humorous...if you like cats. There are many different characters but most are animals...this story doesn't exactly have an underlying value to teach except be careful who you save and know what your getting into before it is too late.
This story starts out with a young girl, pretty common studio ghibli cliche, walking to school with one of her girl friends. As they walk the one girl notices something odd about a stray cat. He was walking on his back legs...and also carrying a package in his mouth. The girl proceeds to absentmindedly have conversation with her friend but keeps an eye on the cat. Eventually the little rascal decides to cross the street without realizing a large truck would smoosh him to a pancake. So the heroine of the story grabs her friends field hockey stick and springs across the street to scoop the cat up, nearly getting hit herself. The cat then speaks with her for a while and proceeds as if nothing major just happened and disappears with the package.
If only the poor girl would have left the cat alone and gone to school on time...because she just saved the prince of the cat kingdom...yes somewhere hidden in the city full of people there was a place ruled by cats and only cats.

Anyhow this poor girl will now be praised by the royal cat family and showered with gifts. An ambassador for the cat finds her in the human world and deliveres an itinerary of gifts to be received. The girl is obviously in denial that a talking cat is going to give her presents so she goes home and goes to bed as normal...but when she wakes up her front lawn is overgrown with cat tails...and for some reason all the stray cats in the neighborhood start to follow her, she freaks out and runs to school to find out her pockets are filled with cat nip. Now she is beginning to get consirned. As she goes through the day doing normal girl stuff, crushing on boys she is to nervous to talk to, the ambassador shows up asking about the presents. The girl yells at him for a while making it clear she is not a feline and does not want a bunch of cat gifts. The ambassador invites her to the cat kingdom, but the request is just a formallity because she has no choice to go or not. Now she is taking these cats seriously as a bizzare threat. She trips and falls over and lands in a pile of trash, a voice in her head tells her to seek out a fat white cat that will protect her from the cat kingdom....and that is where the plot gets going.
On her wild goose chase she finds the fat white cat and eventually he leads her through a maze of alleyways to meet the baron.
She is in an empty plaza as the sun sets and all of a sudden light begins to shine through a window of a tiny building....this is apparently the baron coming to life but we never figure out what exactly is happening. The fat cat tells this new petite cat, the baron, to quit with the theatrics. The baron is an interesting cat dressed in a three piece suit with a cane. Before they all can get down to business however a whole bunch of cats appear and take the girl....the fat cat gives chase while the baron takes his flying mount, a raven, in pursuit of the young lady. The horde of cats begin to make these weird portals to jump through space and eventually they jump into their cat kingdom....the next part of the movie is interesting and silly. Not the best work by studio ghibli but not terrible either...I would probably watch it a few times. 5 out of 10
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pokemon go - additional warnings from the trainers

Dear Niantic,
Please hear me when I ask you to allow user generated content. We all would seriously be surprised how much a very small change will make everything seem fresh. Here is some very good artwork from a user. I
This pieces was very well received on Reddit (which is really saying something)

The users will generate tons and tons of content for you...why not let them!?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pokemon Go Is climbing to the top

Pokemon Go has the potential to revolutionize mobile gaming. In the first week of official launch the game is more popular that tinder and Twitter. I really hope the small team at takes a moment to congratulate the team for this amazing success. It is only a matter of time for the game to grow. If this post does get to any devs at Niantic I would implore them to use their greatest asset which is the community. Let us help you decide which problems/features would benefit the game most....or don't either way keep it up!! Here are some stats about the current game

Pokemon Go Servers Down?

 If you are having trouble logging into Pokemon Go please please please wait a few moments before attempting to log in again, and before you do try to log in again be sure to check out
For the server status in your area. Be sure to click one of the buttons at the bottom of the server status to define your current condition. 
In this new and exciting time for Pokemon trainers remember to be patient and one could have possibly imagined PokeGo would get this big


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kodama Inspired Work

I had no idea how much people like these little tree spirits...I do have to admit they are very cute.
I am wanting to use these little Kodamas to make some sort of design for furniture or maybe a tshirt....anyhow here is my inspiration...

The first one reminds me a little of a famous artist know for his graffiti. Banksy is well know for his graffiti, but he usually has some sort of message.  

 Here is even an example of a tattoo of a Kodama. I would potentially consider some skin art myself only I would use the little kodama from the last picture.

Maybe even a Kodama themed bag set...or a blanket or something....these little tree spirits get so much attention I've got to do something.