Thursday, August 21, 2014

These images intrest me...they are called transmutation circles.

These are from an anime I like very much. Its called Full Metal Alchemist and in his world its the art of science that allows them to use "magic". There is a huge amount of energy in the crust of the earth. The Alchemists gather that extra energy from the earth through a circle and then the energy is free to use however the Alchemist wants.

 With this circle in particular one can use the energy locked inside a human and transform that energy into something more potent. This is the basis of the entire series and I would not like to ruin it for anyone.

I've begun new research in transmutation check out the next post.

The Theory of Transmutation
Human transmutation is a taboo art however there are those who use humans as a sacrifice to gain power

These symbols are truly interesting. Symbols like these are found on the bodies of a homunculus or rather a human that was engineered rather than made.
The serpent that ate its own tail....

This idea is very interesting to me....maybe the ravage direction will take me further along in this journey


  1. This image of the snake eating its own tail reappears again and again throughout novels and anime even in the ancient times there were glyphs of this image and it always meant the same thing....evil or unnatural

  2. The serpent that eats its own tail is a very ancient symbol which had originally nothing to do with the devil or the evil. It's the symbol of a particular conception of time as a cycle, en ethernal repetition of steps, in which the ending is also the beginning of someting new naturally repeating the past. The image of the snake which eats its tails is called ouroboros from the greek οὐρόβορος, and has one of its most known explanation in the Pythagoric philosiphy, which also represent one of the most important formulation of ancient western phylosophic believes. Even Egyptians drew similar images as we can understand from Orapollo's Hieroglyphica. This image and the miningful rapresentation pass trough ages becoming part of philosofic, magic and religiois believes such as Ermethism and gnosticysm and even alchemy.

  3. Thank you Arydubhe for your contribution...I am glad to know I am not the only one fascinated by this symbol

  4. Hi I'm Thomas Lunsford. I've drawn that symbol as well about 1-2 years ago and in that time frame have also come across, which fell from the sky to my feet, stones that are marked with Hebrew / Arabic languages / symbols. How do you explain that?

  5. Mhhhh i think i saw something like that in Leonardo Da Vinci's writings as well...!
    I live in Firenze and we have a lot of Leonardo's stuff on our museums.
    Gotta check that!