Saturday, August 16, 2014

Are you thinking about Titanfall?

Titanfall is a first person shooter game where the player is a 'pilot' with a 'jump kit' that allows you to jump around and wall run and do other crazy stuff. You get to pilot large machines called....Titans.
At first after I completed the initial walk through I was not very impressed at all. After playing multiplayer "attrition" is what titanfall calles 'slayer' or 'deathmatch' I was still not very impressed. I am a halo player since day one and I also enjoy call of duty from time to time....this game is not those games, but somewhere in between. After a few days of gameplay, a few hours each day, I began to enjoy myself as I got the hang of hitting opposing players in the head with the various weapons.

Like call of duty or most other FPS's you start off with a pretty rudimentary set of weapons and as you progress you unlock other weapons and attachments for weapons...pretty standard stuff.
Once you hit the level cap of 50 you can regenerate or 'prestige' and start over at lvl1 with some additional perks.That being said the other main aspec of this game is the wall running, jumping, climbing element which is seamless and pretty much awesome.

The kicker to this game is the lack of single player. The campaign is story with a series of multiplayer matchmaking if your internet is slow, or it goes down you are out of luck with titanfall.
All in all decent game, I am sure it looks amazing on xbox one.

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