Thursday, March 31, 2011

Borderlands for the Xbox 360

I forgot that I really enjoy playing video games and especially RPGs...and so with that in mind my real life friend and I took on the challenge of Borderlands for the Xbox 360...this game is legitimate for the most part.
The game is basically an FPS much like Fallout. There are 4 different classes to chose from...
Soldier - with a turret that can regenerate ammo and health (best choice)
Siren - with some silly ability to "Phasewalk" and high elemental damage
Ranged Class - good for using a sniper he has a bird that will attack a single enemy
Berserker- Melee character big meat shield.... with an action skill to beat enemies.

Soldier class FTW...the game play is mostly FPS with a little bit of RPG but not much...the "talent trees" leave something to be desired, but like the game insinuates there is literally a "gazillion guns" to chose from...gernade perks, class perks and artifacts.

Some quests are a little challenging for me...just the scavenge ones because the parts are very small and difficult to locate. Remember the programmers are only kinda hiding them from you....take a second to look around!

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  1. I love Borderlands! Although the ending was a tad disappointing. I played as the Siren of'd be surprised how useful that Phasewalk actually is, when used appropriately.