Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ravage the Story Page 03-04

“Already….” I sighed as I looked at my little flat phone. This particular little gem was a thin solid and sleek. The function would of this electronic transmitting machine was to monitor my location and activities. A device used to bother and burden other people. Two new emails from…oh look my loving parents. They were ones who convinced me to keep it close to my body at all times.

-Hey champ have a good day, sorry I missed you this morning. Big things going on at work today. Hope you have fun at school son, catch ya around
Love dad
And the second on read…
-Good morning Evan, I love you. There is food in the fridge, make yourself some eggs or something. I’ll see you tonight for dinner, have a good day.
D. Dispater

          I don’t even respond to these messages anymore. They are so busy with their lives that I can’t even have a minute to see them in person. At least my dad didn’t use a personal signature. D. Dispater, my mother Dorthy Dispater didn’t have time for her own son. It went on like this ever since we moved to one of secure locations on the surface so I could go to school like normal.

          “But it is not normal. We are all stuck in a bubble…” I mumbled out loud, being stuck in an artificial environment so we couldn’t pollute the world again. Either that or it was so we were not at danger from the solar rays, or the mutant savages that rule the uncivilized lands or so other fabricated threat. What a load of propaganda from the government. I see the domes as another way to contain us in ignorance. Fading back into the present, I found myself in the kitchen taking some generic breakfast bar and a banana from the dark marble countertop next to our fridge. I trudged through the house getting my bag ready for another mundane day. My public education was a pathetic attempt to socialize people in a small environment. I was basically home schooled by my father since I was old enough to be taught. I knew everything about math and science that was taught at the high school level, everything else was just fluff anyhow. We got to the dome when I was pretty young I cannot remember when exactly. Our family friends the Carnes made the move with us. Richard Carnes and Doug Dispater decided Marc and I needed a social learning environment. Now I was shortly turning 19 and ready to graduate in order to get out of this bubble. Most people that lived here their whole lives stayed here because it was comfortable and safe. I had been plagued by restlessness since my last birthday. Ever since then I have been having a recurring dream where I told myself  I was intended for something bigger than some bubble.
-ding ding, ding ding, ding ding- 
I grumbled to myself as I pulled the communication unit from my jean pocket. Looking at the display I realized it was my bestfriend.
“Good morning Marcus.” I said happily.
“Hey man, say you get that paper done? I just heard from Lizzie it isn’t due till tomorrow in class.” Marcus said quickly.
“Well that some good news finally cause I fell asleep at the monitor trying to write it. Anyhow I’ll be on my way over shortly so we can walk together.”
“Sounds good, I’ll see you soon.” And the line went dead when he hung up.
          Marcus and I were friends almost since birth, both our fathers worked for the same part of omnipresent government natural energy department. My father Doug and Marc’s dad Richard had been college acquaintances years ago. They even met their wives together at some end of the year college party once upon a time. His mom died when he was little and all reports claim random act of violence, but no one really believes that. So the Carnes pain was the Dispaters pain and our family spent most of out free time with Richard and Marcus. There were pretty much part of our family at this point, we even plan most social events together. Marc and I were pretty in separable we even had the same babysitter growing up, so we were pretty much brothers. After we passed the stage of needing to be watched all the time we basically had to fend for ourselves. Rich and Doug were always gone to one place of another even when they were home our fathers were always working late. My mother, less than maternal from the start, was off meeting clients for whatever she does.
          We both are stuck with mundane lives and no family ties. We spent our younger years exploring in the forest on the trails pretending to play a major role in some world altering event fighting the great evil that threatened to destroy the innocent. Marc and I have been planning out escape from our cage for a while and after graduation we had prepared a stock pile of money and clothes to get outside this bubble. Our only goal was higher knowledge and find out about the world before we get stuck in a job in the government lab like our parents.
-beep beep beep-
I groaned and looked at the display
**Hurry up so I can get a seat next to Lizzie, I think she likes me**
I grinned to myself, and started out the front door. I locked it quickly and set off with a brisk pace through the courtyard, small gardens for vegetables and little statues. I finally pasted the hedge of bushes to join the main path towards the center compound. Our house wasn’t extravagant, but it was pretty large and sat on a good chunk of land.

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