Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pushing Daisies a television series

Pushing Daises is another one of those lovely tv series that was being written right about the time of the writers only got to one season, but that season was pretty good.
The premise is fairly simple, the main character 'pie maker' has the ability to bring people back from the dead with his first touch and then his second touch will make them dead again.
There is a consequence to the use of his ability however...if he brings something back to life and does not put it back it its proper place something else must die as equal exchange. he figures out his ability when his mother dies randomly and he brings her back on accident. The father next door drops dead soon after....unfortunatly the pie makers mom dies later that night when she gives her son a goodnight kiss.
First touch life....second touch death.
The kids at school tease him so when it was time for a biology lesson the boy touches all the frogs before they get cut open and all the little kids freak out. Soon after a bunch of other small animals are found dead.
Eventually the pie maker figures out he has a total of 60 seconds after they are braught back to life...if he waits any longer someone else must die in their place.
He grows up to own a pie store full time and works on the side with a private detective the rest of the time. He likes to buy old produce because its cheaper and with one touch all the fruit is ripe and delicious again.
The plot starts to get interesting when he brings his crush back to life and they try to work out a relationship without touching. They also have to work out a way to keep her newly found life a secret from the people who know she is dead.
For being sort of dark and depressing this series is quite funny and enjoyable to watch. The person who narrorates...the very same man who narrorates the Harry Potter series....keeps the episodes light and comical.
The pie maker and the private detective team up to solve difficult murder crimes. Because of the pie makers special skill the duo usually figures out the true crime and makes sure the right people are punished. The series is quite entertaining to watch as the plot thickens and the pie maker finds himself in sticky situations.
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