Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wellswolf Dancing Ballerina Artwork

Shadow Dancer

I bought this set of artwork from my beloved Lirpa Flow for a good price and now it is available for you. These pieces are some of the first she ever did. These are beautiful pieces and I would like to keep them together. Three blue pictures with two androgynous dancers and the finally is the last red slipper which appears to be on fire...

Technically these are all self portraits and done within a months time span.
Drawn completely free form drawn from memory. Made from pastels that were smudged and blended with fingers.
The red one was made from red orange white and black
20 by 24
The blues were made from blue green white and black.
The pictures are essentially complements.
Approximately 12 by 16

I believe these are each worth at least 100 a piece however they do not necessarily go together...however they are all done in the same period of time and done in the same style.

 send me an email if interested...


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