Friday, May 20, 2011

Today my basil sprouts were transplanted!

I figured it was time to take them out of their tiny little jars and put them into something more suitable for basil. So my idea was to grab a small bucket and put a few layers of large stones at the bottom to allow space for water to drain out of the soil.
The first layer I used was some rounded granite rocks and for the second layer I decided on something more porous volcanic rock. I have two layers to hold open space for water to move through now and then I simply added a bunch of soil.

I watered the soil a few times the first day without any plants in the unit so the soil would settle. Which brings us to today when the little sprouts needed to be moved. I used a little flat head screwdriver to make holes for the roots.

 Here is my new unit for the Basil plants I am farming....

Here is a closer look at my little sprouts after they have been transplanted. They look happy enough...hopefully they will accept their light source and spread roots

Here are my Cilantro after just one day of sprouting....they are growing quickly.

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  1. I'd say it's more of greenhousing than farming, but yes your plants look nice.