Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Basil Plants are showing vast improvement ....Be the Source

I have given my little basil plants a while to grow and they are progressing very nicely. At this point they even smell delicious. However as you will see...they are no where near ready to eat. The poor little sprouts are over crowded and need a more proper place.

 It seems the basil plants in the little ceramic pots are growing the best....however it took them longer to germinate. I assume there was a problem with keeping the soil moist.

These ones in the glass jar were the first to sprout and as you can see they are the first to have major second leaf growth. They all smell delicious at this point and I can't wait to eat them!

These are my Cilantro Plants
They just got planted 5/10
It took them almost 6 days to sprout
and in three days they have grown this much

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