Friday, July 29, 2011

Once Upon a Time I had an Idea for a Game

The Main Outline for this game can be found at the link below..
Ravage Ritual the Outline
Game Outline made by Micheal Williamson. If you've got question he can help check out  

The world will be set up as follows: Armageddon has cast the world into peril past the point of destruction. Out of the ashes colonies have come together in order to rebuild and start anew...unfortunately order has no chance to guide the world. Beast of all sorts have gotten stronger than humans could have ever anticipated....Fractions have sprouted up to put order back in its proper place however other groups have banded together to make sure that same order will never again come to rule...

Fire Empire: This is where the Mechanical Warriors will come from. This is the militaristic empire of the world. This is also where players can access a bank to hide/transfer/spend their money. It will also be the location of the virtual office for the stock exchange. This is obviously the strongest safest place...and most coveted out of all the regions. The population of the fire empire will be maintained and citizenship will not be easy to gain...however this is the location where all the money can be kept evil necessity.

Water World: Salmon...Tuna....Sharks....Pirates mostly. This area will be a good place to farm for everything....meaning its easy to get EXP, Rare Items, Crazy Mobs, Fast Cash however....Pirate NPCs will attack you often. Illegal items/Controlled items will be found and made here.
Lawlessness will rein supreme in these areas. This area will also be the larges on the map based on the fact that its the Ocean.

Desert:  Rogue's can gain great knowledge from hanging out here.This is a harsh climate where little grows but there are still plenty of things to be found...difficult things to come by for sure and the best place to find spare parts. If you think you are going to be a builder of anything you should think about getting into the desert. The place all electronics go to die...the sand hides secrets and harsh enemies. There will be medium control here...only in areas where players can interact with other players will there be an occasional Fire World NPC to enforce. The sand does not cover much of the map however an oasis has sprung up deep in the desert.

Skies:For those of us with wings. The skies are a regions of great tectonic collision. Massive mountain chains have scarred the landscape. This region is a cold wasteland with dangerous Mobs however gaining access will allow a user to get to other regions secretly. Towns have popped up on mountain sides at important junctions. It just so happens that Fire NPC's are not really allowed here and there is little else know about the lofty hideouts. Hunters may find it necessary to search this place.

Forest: The rest of the land will be covered in areas of varying vegetation and foliage. All sorts of wonderful things grow here...this is will be the place most of the new people will hang out before they can gain entrance to any other region. Pine forest near the mountains to a jungle rain forest by the sea. A place every adventurer has quests and plenty of mobs to kill...There will be a few areas where users can team up and take down an instance together...All sorts of magic users will gain knowledge from this area. 

After you download the game and register a new character you enter the game and there is a little cut scene...(camera from above so the player watches his character fall and then a command prompts the user.
"Where will you land?" at this point you are given like 4 different responses
-Hard Earth

Depending on the response the the question the character will begin to be generated....he lands upon one of the four choices. Gets up slowly and in whatever environment he lands in he begins to wander and gets swarmed by some tiny insects/fish/bugs/blobs or whatever and he/she will get another command prompt
"What will you do?"
-Give Up

And so on for a little longer....eventually our user will get knocked out and someone will come to save him/her unfortunately the new player has passed out.
We come back in with our new character lying in bed all bandaged up...there is a mysterious NPC lurking about...There is more chatter for the player to create a name and get the most important items in the game.
Okay so here is where I start talking about the good stuff...the stuff which will separate Ravage Ritual from all other games. These next few items are a must have for this game to work as I wish it to...

Every player starts off with 1 noob bag and 1 noob book along with his soulbound item he received from answering the questions.

New Player Items:

The noob bag: This is just a small bag that can only hold a few items. Bigger and better bags can be made or bought of course. Through the in game currency trading system. Some boss mobs may drop a bag or instructions explaining how to make bags...
The noob book: The book is to record the users progress in learning new combat/magic/ranged/close quarter whatever. The noob book is very small and cannot hold much progress so our user must complete some quests to obtain a bigger book...also he/she will have to locate the trainer to learn more about skills...aka how to upgrade them or other ones available at his/her level.

The command prompt device: The best piece is what is really important. It will be the medium for the player to interact with the world he has fallen into. The soul bound item will be specific to character class and specialty. However for the first release there may be only one or two classes (warrior/ranged) with the elemental specialty you can potentially make anything from healer to assassin.
The item will actually be represented as the command window for a computer...maybe a little more user friendly with some tabs to look at inventory, maps, equipment, talent tree, but the best part will be the "learn" tab. This is where players will have to collect letters/runes/glyphs and input them in a correct sequence to gain knowledge of certain skills. Once knowledge is acquired then the player can transfer the command to his/her book and use the new command in the world.
Example:   The first quest will get the player ready for this sort of command entering system...he/she will have to kill some bugs or rodents but when you walk in the door the rats/bugs start attacking you and you've got no commands memorized your noob book is empty and you die pop back up next the the NPC who gave you the quest....he apologizes and then the player gets a run down on how to copy the command to his/her book so it can be used in combat. First command the person learns is simply "Hit". So you go and own those rodents/bug and accumulate a few new letters and some new colored stones. These are how players will learn new things, get exp, and attribute points to be used when he/she levels up. 

A few noob quests will follow and after the user gets an idea of how things work he/she will chose a region of the world. All places will be pretty much free to join except for the Fire Nation. In order to get into the fire nation there will be a secret code only given to those deserving.
After some other regional specific quests the user will then be granted citizenship and begin to obtain resources and prosper as the region prosper.
At that point the user can either go exploring, create a base, form an alliance, or simply search for other bases and players to attack.

...there are too many legal issues to deal with

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