Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Please stand by my ravage followers

I have just made a major move in my life and am currently working out the kinks....I will try and keep posting but it may be a while before I have reliable internet at my disposal....please stay tuned and remember you can always follow me on twitter @ravag3ritual for updates.

In other news I am getting a lot of hits for Princess Mononoke so maybe I will have to give a more in depth detailed review and possible kodama fan artwork....maybe even some for sale.

Also I have been getting a few hits for frolfing/frisbee golf/disking/discing ....all these terms mean the same thing...I am trying to compile more information and get another video out for beginners so stay tuned for that....and keep an eye on the Back Alley Merchant where I will have some gently used discs for sale.
One last thing...the HTC EVO powermat is no longer for sale. It has found a home...but there is still plenty of there odds and ends to be had....on the BAM

And remember don't follow the crowd like a sheep, be an individual and create a path for yourself.


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