Thursday, July 21, 2011

Disc Golf - Putting Practice at 13th street Ames Iowa

Putting Practice - 13th st course in Ames Iowa

The next few posts will be about 13th street disc course in Ames Iowa. I took some time out of my day and met up with his individual who has been discing for much longer than I have. First we discussed some ideas of putting and how most people like to just throw the putter "willy-nilly" and try to make it arc left or right to hit the pin. If you are looking to improve your accuracy when putting try to get a more sinuous (s-shaped) path. This method is okay for beginners, however if you want to get more accurate please reference the video below for a better method of putting.

As you should clearly be able to notice....even though my accomplice didn't make any putts into the basket.....the motion and path of the disc is more accurate and much easier to predict.

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