Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ponyo fish in the sea

Ponyo of the sea

Another review for a Studio Ghibli film. Ponyo has some similarities to other Ghibli films but this storyline is certainly all its own. The story starts out with a crazy looking man in the ocean doing something to the sea. This man (voiced by Liam Neeson). He is a very smart wizard that maintains the balance of the sea above all else everything must remain in balance. He hates humans because they pollute his world and add chaos to the ocean. Liam's character is developing a plot to overtake the humans with an explosion of life "to match the Cambrian"...but we will get to that later.

Liam's character, the wizard, has a peculiar collection of goldfish that look oddly enough like little humans. This is where the story starts. The biggest of the fish escape from the ship and gets caught up in a net with a bunch of garbage. She gets stuck in a glass jar and is washed on shore where a little boy named Sauske finds her. He tried to get her out but in the end he must break the jar and in doing so he cuts himself. The little fish takes a lick of the boys blood from his thumb...and this is where it all begins
Ponyo - a studio ghibli film
Ponyo begins to slowly take on more human traits and eventually she even makes hands and feet for herself. Liam's character eventually catches the little fish, but the fish does not stay in captivity for long. She releases the trigger that will populate the seas with an explosion of life a little too early and she escapes to find her best friend Sauske.

 There are many famous voice overs for Ponyo. Sauske's mom is voiced by Tina Fey and one of the older ladies is voiced by Betty White. Matt Damon is also a voice for one of the characters.
Ponyo is a fanciful tale of the sea...it is full of magic and love as two young people find their way thorugh an adventure of their lives.

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