Monday, October 24, 2011

The Maltipoo Teddy and his new trick

Our puppy maltipoo Theodore has learned a new trick to let us silly humans know he needs something.
Teddy is a brat sometimes, but we love him all the same...I really do enjoy this new trick of his, if only we could teach him something useful.

And here is another one...this one is even better. The little rascal gets one of his feet in the food bowl while he is attacking the water bowl. What a silly little puppy...Please enjoy

Theodore is almost 11 weeks old and he has already grown quite a bit...I remember it was only yesterday when we first got him and on the car ride home he puked on me. This little fluff ball has some interesting behavior quirks, and I think as he grows and learns he will get even more silly, but hopefully he will learn to recognize his own name.

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