Thursday, August 7, 2014

Xbox One or PS4 - should you get either system?

xbox one
I have been looking around and doing a good amount of research on these systems. The PS4 had an early head start due to their initial price, but now that the xbox one comes without a kinect that gap is slowly closing.

As far as specs go and capabilities the two systems are fairly similar. The PS4 has the potential for better graphics and is a smaller console....but the xbox one will have halo there you go. Either system is such a large jump from the previous systems you can't really go wrong, it all comes down to weather or not you can live without Halo....and this gamer cannot so I will be getting the Xbox One and hopefully before the september release of DESTINY!
Destiny by Bungie
I have been reading a lot about this title and from the beta release gamers seem to be very excited about the potential for the full game...not only the full game but Destiny could possibly be the first step in a new idea of online gaming.
Some call destiny a "borderlands-like" game only the graphics and the sci fi are for real not cartoony. This game is so beautiful I cannot wait till september.
So far the consensus is the warlocks have a bit of an unfair advantage, but I am sure that class will get nerfed...and hopefully as the months go on more classes will be invented and the game will expand through the galaxy.

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