Thursday, January 13, 2011

Found a new possible MMO

This one is pretty cool its called Wealth Wars and apparently you roam around this wasteland and set up a base...your base is where you keep all your loot. You can join alliances and attack rivals or just be by yourself.
I tried to set up two accounts now but there seems to be a small bug in their process...every time I log in as one character or another I seem to get logged in as someone else
They have forums to put up questions like that but with their move from a .com to a .net there seems to be some bugs so we will just put that on the back burner for a can earn money by referring friends so if this place works out maybe I can get a group to play with for a little while and accumulate some money. I will wait to see if the problem gets resolved before I post my personal link.

Another day another dollar...I guess it is time for me to log into the ChaCha and see what nonsense goes on today...if your interested in knowing more about being a ChaCha Guide you can email a comment....follow me on know

Keep it real interwebs

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