Sunday, January 10, 2016

Destiny the game - which class is truly the "master race"?

Who is it going to be?
titan, hunter, warlock
Titan ?

Personally I have an extreme amount of hate for hunters....rolling around, blinking, having a cape and all sorts of silly hunter abilities. Jumping is an obvious point and case for the hate....unfortunately a lot of my friends main hunters and I have to see how capable they are at certain encounters - looking at your Crota. 

Before the great expansion of the taken king Titans were also very situation. Striker is all but worthless except aggressive PVP players or nightfalls with ARC burn. Defenders simply cannot be a master race due to their super being completely supportive. Weapons of light and blessings of light are a god send for end level encounters.
Post TTK sunbreakers were known as the destroyer of all things. In my opinion titans rank second place for master race.

stormcaller warlock
In my opinion Warlocks are the master race. Voidwalker, again only for aggressive PVP players and void burn nightfalls. Sunsingers are the end all and be all for any warlock. The melee ability with the range is considerably stronger than other classes. Double solar grenades also quite strong. AND NOW WE HAVE UNLIMITED POWERRR!!!!
Warlock #1
Titan (very close #2)

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