Monday, January 11, 2016

Ark: Survival Evolved xbox one game review

I was on the xbox market place watching trailers for "the division" and I came upon a free trial for
this game. i said to myself...heck I like survival adventure games and this one has dinosaurs!! So I finally get the "trial" downloaded, which happens to be the full game and when I start I get a message that tells me I have 1 hour to play. So I am thinking Ok, thats enough time to make an opinion about the game........I was wrong. One hour is just long enough for you to get some tiny idea of what you are doing.
When you first start you need to pick your server and PVP or PVE I had no idea what to expect so I went with PVE - I now can see how it would be more fun to have PVP, but I only have 1 session so I went with PVE.
You start out with nothing...not even a tutorial.
All you have is your fists. I played on Xbox so the controls may be a bit different for everyone but after about 10 minutes to stumbling and bumbling I found out how to get the inventory open (Hold B). In your inventory screen you can see all your vital stats, and you have a ton. Food/water/sleep among other things are all on a countdown which may intimidate you at first, but fear not you can survive.

Anyhow, in order to progress you need to 'do' start doing stuff. Basically you need to punch trees until you get 1 level up and then you can learn some things. I would defiantly suggest learning tools/weapons first and then a shelter.
After I wasted an hour trying to figure out how to get flint, allow me to save you the gotta hit piles of stone with a pick axe....I know right? How would you not think to do that...
Also in order to interact with stuff you need to hit the "Y" button, so as I was sprinting around I kept hitting Y like all of the time. You end up with a nice stack of fiber and berries, which will save you in a pinch.
In order to make fire you need to have some fuel (wood/thatch) and a flint and then to cook meat place the raw meat into the fire (through the inventory screen) and leave it there for a little while....eventually it will turn into cooked meat.

And that was about all the further I got. In my humble opinion I would consider giving this game a try legitimatly if you enjoy a survival type game.

After I figured out that little gem I had a few minutes to try and kill a dinosaur, which was not easy at all.

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