Saturday, January 23, 2016

Destiny the game January Update

Ok so there was not much meat in the destiny update. Lots and lots of destiny fan boys have been
ragging for a few weeks now and its really getting old.
Destiny the game subreddit has been consumed by fanboys/girls applying massive amounts of salt and complaining non stop.

This is my plea to these hardcore gamers...YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES PLAYING THIS GAME! Most of us have a 9 to 5 gig and then a significant other/family at home and we cant play 4 hours a day every day.
Lets just put that figure in perspective 4 hours a day every day since the game came out. What other game every has had that much play time? You can maybe make a argument for those massive MMORPGS, but destiny is not an MMORPG. This game is in some total uncharted water here so relax guys.

With that being said, the salt in completely uncalled for, normal gamer's still have plenty of content to play through. and if there is not enough content for you then please stop playing for a few days/week and maybe go outside....

So the update was a bunch of fluff, we have another silly event for valentines day - something about doubles crucible......and the developers have heard that the players are unhappy about the crucible is in the works

In closing...if you guys are not having fun playing or want more content, stop playing for a while...there is no new content coming, these stuff takes months and months to generate. All games ever take a lot of time to develop.

The response from the community really shows how much players LOVE this game. Do not listen to the haters, this game is simply amazing. Destiny 1 had a rich story that was ripped apart last minute, WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS MISTAKE REPEATED.
Please understand that we want Bungie to take their time with destiny 2...please for the love of the traveler do not rip the story apart....and also sometimes a linear play through it not the worst thing ever.

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