Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Even you can get the Exotic Shotgun Chaperone PSA

Finally after months and months of garbage SGA (super good advice), or PSA if you never read about destiny on Reddit, a brave guardian has found a new way to get the super awesome exotic shotgun. 
The chaperone is an exotic shotgun with a painful PVP quest line that involves getting kills with an exotic hand cannon, The Last Word

I am sorry that I lied in my previous post about not competing in the Sparrow Racing League on destiny. 

All you need to do is equip TLW and participate in a race. Each race gets you approx 3%, so it's a little slow but as long as you don't die you will get your 3%. 
Also apparently you can also use 3oC and get exotic engrams for top 3 places (possible troll-has not been personally confirmed)

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