Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sparrow Racing In Destiny - December update

Hello fellow destiny fans! It' an exciting time in the universe. We have challenge mode coming out for the different bosses, new exotics, and.....sparrow racing!!!
If you don't keep up on your updates the best part of the December update will defiantly be some subclass balancing. 
The return of the Titan is upon us!! Melee for all Titan subclasses will increase 12%, and sun breakers are taking a well deserved hit on some of their subclass nodes. Specifically the one where they get health regen on hammer kill, now there will be a cool down of 3s between procs.  

Also many tweaks to weapon archetypes and some armor pieces, nothing game breaking this time. 
Auto rifle base damage increase, pulse rifle base damage decrease
It seems Bungie is getting better with making minor adjustments instead of sweeping nerfs. Our voices are being heard guardians!!
The time for Titans is upon us, put those pesky hunters away and punch everything!!!!

Remember when House of Wolves was around the corner and guardians were everywhere searching for those special chests. Then some sneaky guardians came up with a plan to get loot from the same chest multiple times. It was an exciting time with 4-5 guardians racing down a hallway to try and hit the next zone and back and forth as many times as possible before the timer ran out. That was pretty fun.

SRL is a great diversion from the core game and potentially a breath of fresh air for day 1 guardians. 
There is little to no chance I will be participating in this silly event, but more power to the guardians who are willing to pay for some extra content for everyone.
As always remember to have fun and if your not having fun it's time to take a break.  

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