Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Destiny and the proper way to use three of coin

There has been a ton of debate about this topic and the destiny fan base has done its homework...Luke Smith has said in a tweet that destiny players have yet to figure out the most effective way to use ToC (troll) there probably isn't a "most effective" way at all besides throwing them at the screen. 
Be that as it may there has been much speculation as to the best times to use ToC. 
As far as I can tell fire teams of three have the best luck when everyone uses a coin on the third ultra kill.
Best way to do this is to use a coin and kill an ultra to get your count to zero. Then complete two strikes without a coin use and on the third strike use a ToC before the boss. 
This technique has worked well for some and terribly for others. Personally I think you should just play the game and use a Three of Coins whenever you remember. 
Be safe guardians 

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