Monday, November 9, 2015

It's finally here, fallout 4

And the inter webs are a buzz with salty gamers vs fan boys. After trolling Reddit for many hours I have arrived to these conclusions 
1. If you enjoy fallout you will play and love fallout 4
2. PC will have better graphics than console
3. It won't make much of a difference either way because this game will be thrilling and immersive. 

The reason for all the salt is early leaked game play, on the console the game dropped to 0 FPS momentarily. Big deal? ...well maybe, fixed with a hot patch first day? Probably. 
Many people are hating on Bethesda for being a major game producer and not caring about customers but that is just not true. Their team has come together to deliver on of this years most sought after titles. 
Stay safe in that wasteland....

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