Sunday, December 13, 2015

Extensive data gathered to compare sniper DPS

Black Spindle
A Reddit user has compiled a massive wall of text to compare and contrast the top snipers in destiny the game. Depending on how you measure DPS you can get different results. It all comes down to sustained, constant bullets hitting the target.

Raid boss sniper comparison

Now much like the black hammer in Year 1 the black spindle in year 2 will always over DPS anything as long as you can stay on target.
The whole discussion revolves around that big troll Golgoroth and for obvious reasons the black spindle wins on DPS as long as you can stay on target.
There are a few things to help stay on target.

Golgoroth Destiny Raid Boss
1. During your damage phase (some teams prefer to do this on 1, other prefer on 6) the gaze holder should be a hunter with shade step. This will ensure the crit spot for Golgoroth will be visible to all players.
2. The gaze holder MUST COUNT DOWN. Seriously....there is a count down on the bottom of the screen and all you gotta do is start at 10 seconds left and count down to 0.
3. Gotta have a titan with blessings of light and the titan must be prepared to drop his shield just after the damage orb is broken - or if the titan drops his shield way back in the cave it will be okay also (The damage orb will kill the titan shield)
4. One of the DPS team must focus on the damage orb to make sure it gets broken while the other damage teams GET IN THE PIT AND TRY TO LOVE SOMEONE...seriously you need to talk about this before the fight.
-Titan needs to get in the pit a little before the damage orb drops
-One member of DPS team must be late to the party to make sure the damage orb drops right before the gaze gets shifted.
-The DPS team and the titan can hide in the bubble until the damage orb drops and the gaze is shifted
5. DPS team must keep an eye on the bottom of their screen to see who gets tainted by unstable light and call out your name (in the 3rd person) and leave the damage aura early to get away from everyone.
-A trick I like to use when in the DPS pit is to form to line in the damage pit where the players closest to Golgoroth kneel so the people in the back row don't have to move either.....STOP MOVING IN FRONT OF YOUR TEAMMATES!!!!!
6. STAY ALIVE - no stupid mistakes for ammo runs. DO NOT STAND IN THE OPEN and get blasted by the ogre

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