Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dear Bungie | to the squeakers, elitists, and kinderguardians

Crotas End - Destiny the game
I've been reading these destiny forums for a while now. Most of the time I can't stop reading because the flame wars some comments create are beyond comical. Everyone thinks they know how to run a the company much better than the people running it. 
Listen the game is suppose to be hard. Not everyone is suppose to be able to beat the hard mode. Al these glitches are not bugs...the AI should chase you around the map until you die....or the AI should take cover under fire....

However bungie you do have a problem on your hands.
The long time gamers are losing interest. How are we going to fix this?
Certainly not an easy idea would have to be implemented in a half step for destiny 1 and then more in depth in destiny 2.
So let's get into my big fantastic idea!!!
A few main objectives
1) some rudimentary trading system
2) upgrades to your character or ghost
3) combined and customize guns
I understand this is no small order but this will keep players playing and farming for materials forever. 
The first part of the idea is critical in order to get some idea of what materials are really worth to the players. Let players trade material on some sort of open market. Once you can gather some data is how much materials are worth to other materials then we can move on to number 2.
Number 2 is for the RPG aspect of the game...people want the grind it's obvious, but the thing that makes the grind worth while is progress. So the main idea here is to have some super massive long quest chain for each of the NPCs in the tower. As you complete some of the quests you should get special items that consume materials (spin, iron, shards, but mostly notes of light) then after you get this special item to the next level you should be able to feed it to your ghost for 1% str, int, disp or a few points towards the next light lvl....this way people will have something to work towards. Impossible as it might be hardcore players can slowly rise above the casuals.
Number 3 is pretty much being implemented in the next DLC.

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