Sunday, January 11, 2015

Destiny's January update will end the cheese

If you haven't checked already the next weekly update will put a stop the the Crota cheese...mostly. Give it another week and someone will find another exploit to kill Crota super fast and easy. The strange thing I have noticed on (a good place to find a fire team) is that most groups specifically say something about "no cheesing" or "fresh run legit". The people want the challenge or all the time committed to the game is worthless and any gained skill doesn't matter. 
Another update I am excited to hear about is the VOG will get an update to drop the higher level guns and hopefully the armor gets a buff least light lvl 33 would still make the VOG worth running. I know I am still waiting to pick up that vex mythoclas. 

Xur has been a major disappointment the past few weeks so hopefully this week he will be selling something worth buying.

Have faith loyal guardians the gods of destiny listen to our needs and wants and slowly changes are implemented to make the universe better. Unfortunately if you want it you gotta pay for it and I fear destiny will not be able to keep their loyal players happy long enough for the "comet" update this September.

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