Sunday, January 4, 2015

Destiny the dark below | just not enough

Dear bungie, your first expansion pack is simply not enough. We all paid for an expansion and we got a tiny bit sized portion of what a real expansion should be...but that's not even what I'm mad about. A lot of players, who are still playing, complain about all sorts of stuff that doesn't matter and mosty likley will not change. My beef is the fact that the vault of glass is now worthless. That raid was a challenge and was actually difficult...but now there is no reason to go through it....unless you are waiting for that 0.01 percent have drop of that rare weapon. 
How could you make the best part of the game worthless...what you have given us is such a sad shadow of what the game was suppose to be...I will forever keep the faith and hope you will hear our prayers.

Bungie has put a lot of effort into this game and their vision has been crushed by a consumeristic world. The players have complained and fixes have been they weren't perfect but at least the problems were addressed. This game is some what "first of its kind" so yeah there will be plenty of things that are unfair and will take years to make sure every class and every weapon is balanced so everyone can play how they want...give bungie a break and just know they are listening.

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