Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Destiny and the cheesing method

I really hate this term. It's used to describe a method of beating a boss that is not quite legitimate. Most of these methods and slight game glitches some are exploits of the map itself others are methods to get a boss stuck in a certain vulnerable position. No matter what the method cheeseing is a super easy way to defeat bosses or levels.
There is nothing bungie can really do about all these methods of exploits...there are just too many players with too much dedication to this game to not find methods to cheat bosses.
I have used almost every method of cheeseing there is and I am not ashamed of it, but I know I don't deserve the armor or weapons I have. 
I will not discuss these methods with you because I believe you should beat the levels the right way, but a simple YouTube search will show you exactly what you want. 
Oh bungie....we love your game soooo much please please give the players more content before the new DLC next year or I fear you will loose all of your fans.

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