Monday, July 8, 2013

Current Movies - Despicable Me 2 vs Lone Ranger

Despicable Me 2

There is no contest here. Despicable Me 2 wins by a landslide! Steve Carell as Gru is a perfect match and incredibly funny.
Even through I am a huge Johnny Depp and he is usually enough to make any movie great...The Lone Ranger was a bit of a flop.

The Lone Ranger
There was some action....some humor, but all in all it was slightly boring. So unless you are a huge 'lone ranger' fan from way back in the day do yourself a favor and wait for this one to come out on redbox or even netflix.

Despicable Me 2
Now on the other hand Despicable Me 2 was fun for the whole family! Gru finds himself a love interest and there is a very funny flash back of him as a child that you don't want to miss. The minions are the best part of these movies and I know I will be mimicking their behavior for a while. This movie is an absolute must watch for adults and kids. Make sure to catch it at a cinema near you. 
Despicable Me 2

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