Thursday, July 11, 2013

Steam Summer Sales Starts with Huge Discounts

Steam 2013 Sale
Great news for all gamers! Steam's annual summer sale has some massive discounts until July 22. We got three choices for gamers: Daily deals, Flash sales, and community choice. The daily deals only last 24 hours so get them while they are hot.

Game titles include bioshock infinite for 29.99 with some trading cards and other games with as much as a 66% discount.
Keep an eye on the website because the flash sales are even a shorter period of time, only eight hours, but those discounts are even better. Including titles like Skyrim, Dragon Age: Origins and Grid 2.
Steam Sale
If there is a game you really want to buy but don't see a discount then off to the community choice with you to vote for your favorite game and it might just go on sale!

Check out the Steam Summer Sale

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