Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Catching Fire - the book review

 The second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.
After reading through the first book, the way it ended provoked me to read the second book. This time around the world has become a more violent place. Unrest runs wild in every district because of Katniss. Her previous show of disrespect to the capitol got her a visit from "President Snow". I remember how Katniss described the president smelling sweet as roses with a hint of something more vicious. The visit from the president was a threat. A threat to Katniss and everyone she ever knew, everyone she would ever love. Once he had left Katniss could place the smell...president snow had blood on his breath.
After the hunger games the winners travel through all the other districts...to remind everyone the hunger games are always looming. Katniss had a hard time pretending to put on a happy face, but she tried her best.
This year the hunger games would be special...and with all the districts rebelling a firm message had to be sent. This year the hunger games would consist of only those people who had won the games before...so for little district 12 that was Katniss, Peeta and the old drunk who had won many years ago.
Katniss and Peeta are thrown back into the arena to compete one more time....however this time things are different, the old drunk wants Katniss and Peeta to make a team with some of the other districts. The pool is interesting...there are the career players and the washed up old winners. Katniss makes friends with the old winners. The ceremony is much more rushed and there isn't much free time to contemplate or train.
At the interview Peeta thinks quickly on his feet and makes up a story about Katniss being pregnant with is child. That put the entire crowd and all the other competitors into a frenzy.
The last thing Katniss gets to see before she is raised into the arena is her clothing designer being brutally beaten by the city guards. He got his punishment because the last outfit he made for Katniss to wear was boring white dress at first and then it burst into flames to reveal Katniss dressed like a mockingjay....this bird is a symbol of disrespect/resistance towards the capitol.
The arena is a big circle with land bridges like spokes on a wheel. The very center is an island...the "cornucopia" as it were...then there is a bunch of water and then jungle forest. Each section of land has its own special treat for the tributes. Most are extremely deadly...one slice is a gigantic wave, another has blood rain...some slices have animals...another one has a massive lightning strike at the same time everyday.
Eventually the girl of fire and Peeta make a pact with four or five other people to survive at least until they are the only ones left. The group gets bread sent to them on a regular basis along with a small device used to get sap...or water out of a tree.
The circle arena is closed in by a massive force field...if you happen to be unfortunate enough to wander into one you will be crisped and hurled back into the arena very disoriented and potentially injured. Fortunate enough to Katniss she notices 'seams' in the field...places that are weaker than others and a plan begins to take hold.
I gotta stop here so I do not give away the ending, but this book is defiantly 'catching fire'.
The book ends very abruptly and I am currently waiting for "Mockingjay"

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