Friday, January 18, 2013

Eragon the Dragon Rider series

Dragons and Riders

I love dragons and I love magic but all and all this entire series didn't quite do it for me. To be fair the tale is long and epic with many twists and turns along the way....however the flow of the story is slightly obvious. The first book was a simple story of a boy who finds something extraordinary and because of it his life changes. The main conflict starter for many books like this.....after the boy loses his 'family' ties he runs away for vengeance with his real father Brom....a little twist there that was unexpected but still a little obvious. 
Then when the main character is finally learning something and making moves forward his teacher is ripped from him now the boy and young dragon are all on their own....running away from the past and blindly into the future. A future the boy cannot hope to attain at his current state. Anyhow....the first book ends with a small victory for the boy and his dragon, but the main character comes to learn he has made a great deal of mistakes along the way.
Eragon and Saphira
He fights more battles and walks to more places.....fights more battles, talks to many people, fights and talks and travels and fights....until he meets up with his half brother at a final battle and gets whooped by the anti hero. It is not a fair fight however because the anti hero has a secret weapon that is giving him an enormous amount of power.

The main character and his dragon go to spend time with the elves. The hero gets a super ability upgrade from an ancient ritual for the dragons. He travels and fights and talks and travels and fights some more....and some more and the he travels and talks and fights again.
Until eventually we get to the very end battle....where he is still terribly over matched by the main villain that the battle is pointless until the very end where the hero just wants the villain to understand why he is doing a bad thing....and the villian is overcome with bad feelings making him falter for just a moment, long enough for the hero and his allies to attack and end the battle forever.

Eragon the Dragon Rider Series

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