Thursday, January 24, 2013

All men are mortal

I happened upon this book from a coworker who graduated from college as a philosopher. He was also the same who gave me 'the light of other days'.
 I had enough time on my hands so I figured why not.
This is quite an interesting first the is quite ordinary, a story following a girl who is very narcissistic. She is an actress or in Europe doing this and that....being the center of was almost boring for me until she happened upon a man who stood outside in the same spot day in and day out all day everyday...not eating or drinking at all.
She was terribly curious of the man. Curious to the point where she broke into his room at the hotel they were both staying in and investigated all of his things. She found nothing of interest besides some gold coins.

Soon she confronts the man and tries to figure out what he is all about. He is very aloof and detached from the world...this simply will not do for the main character for she must know everyone knows she is there and exists and is she bothers him for a while until......
Eventually he tells her his secret. He is immortal and has lived for many many years. He has seen and done many things and has lost his interest in life. She finds this to be unacceptable and pushes the plot forward by getting this immortal to tell his tale.
It is an interesting tale...filled with kings and battles and adventures...however we learn that the story always ends the same. No matter how much care he puts into anything....eventually it will be destroyed.

The part that I dislike about the book.
We come to learn the main character, the immortal, gains his everlasting life from the contents of a bottle found some where deep in the African continent. He drinks this vial and forever more as long as his body is not eviscerated and then burned and then scattered he will live for ever and ever....Even if that happens in a million years his individual parts may reassemble...who is to say.

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