Friday, February 1, 2013

League of Legends is still down

The north american server is still down....they had to extend maintence a few more hours....however I am sure we will all appreciate the improvements so please be patient summoners.

I am curious what will come of League of Legends in the future...I am hoping the game adapts to a more MMO sort of feel where champions guard regions against other champions....maybe not I mean the game is pretty much awesome just as is no need to try and complicate things

My new favorite champion was Ziggs....but then I worked on my masteries and rune pages and I am back to Kog Maw!! His kamakazie at the end has gotten me many kills!

I haven't even reached lvl 30 yet so it is not like I can even compete in the real games....however I am still hoping for great things from LOL

This link will keep you updated on server status

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