Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Light of Other Days

This is truly an amazing book. If you think worm holes and hypothetical physics are cool then you will defiantly get a good read out of this science fiction novel.

The idea is this...what if you had a worthless machine that generated some sort of molecule as a byproduct to the spinning of the mechanism.What if that tiny charge was the thing necessary to maintain a tiny wormhole for a tiny second.The story pretty much builds on that idea.

Spoiler Alert....

What happens to a society when no one has the option to live in secrecy? Every event at any time from any vantage point is now available for people to watch again and again. All of the mysteries of the past are brought to light and the truth is found. This is the reason for the title of the book.Spoiler AlertThere are some breakthroughs with this technology and eventually any moment in the past is public knowledge for anyone everywhere.

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