Monday, December 10, 2012

Frisbee/Disc Golf - Middle Park Bettendorf Iowa Disc Course

Middle Course Bettendorf Iowa (holes 1-9)

Check out my video that I put together for the Middle Course in Bettendorf Iowa....I would have done the entire course but it was very hot and I was running out of time. The first nine holes are out in the open for the most part. I really enjoy this course because there are three locations for the pins for almost every hole. Not every course has different places to put the pins...this makes Middle Course interesting and fun.

There is only one tricky part on the front nine....after hole six you need to walk across hole 2/4 to the other side of the street in order to find the tee for hole number 7. After that and depending on the pin placement hole 8 is potentially 1000ft....which is abnormally long for any hole. Lucky for me hole 8 has the shortest pin placement (still over 800ft) day started a little rough, but then I could finally make some decent shorts.

All in all I would say this is an excellent course and next time it is summer you should check it out!

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