Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We agree the idea is great and all but what about character development?

What about character development?
How would a user become more than just a dot on the screen?
How would a user gain strength or possibly stealth?
 All very good questions that all deserve a decent here are my thoughts on the matter.

As far as I am concerned this aspect of the game will be most difficult. Of course noob and other lower players will have a bunch of the same skills however after level 10 or so then the user can really get into powerful spells. Specialization in certain elements, perhaps knowledge of the force...maybe you want to make potions and poisons...

Each new user will start out as hardly any more than a dot...a tiny speck not even noticed by anyone. You will have some noob quests to get you acquainted with the new world. Your first mission will be to kill some other tiny specks....after you level up you will receive something like a stick figure for a body. Very rudimentary at the beginning and as the user gains knowledge and experience he/she also gains hands and feet...etc etc.

In order to level up users are expected to complete noob quests until the user specifies a region to join. Then the user will complete specific missions and quests for that region. In towns and marketplaces you will find hints and rumors of weapons trainers. In other areas you may find class trainers...any of these NPC types will lead a user to gain knowledge and experience (new skills and loot) in a specific area of concentration(a sort of talent tree).  


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