Saturday, January 22, 2011

The first chapter of Ravage Ritual. The story that provoked a game....

 This first chapter is called History Lesson....but as it is written chapter one doesn't really end any time I continue to post more the story will grow hopefully. This may help my audience to better envision the world I am looking to create.
With that said...I now have to read through every page and take out all the bad words so I do not get yelled at by Google for swearing....Thanks for reading let me know what you think...

History is an interesting concept to me because it is only recorded by the victors. The books say the end of the world was all a misunderstanding. Something in the hearts of man stirred. In the year 2012 the world was foretold to endure an apocalypse, and truly that happened. For the first time in our recorded history the magnetic South Pole and North Pole began to wander at an alarming rate, and this rate continued to increase until the poles stalled and reversed. The United States thought it was a virus in the system and were on red alert. Various terrorist groups thought the malfunctioning of electrical equipment was to disable their operations so they began retaliation. And so it went around the world everyone armed to their teeth. Someone got over excited and the world burned for 100,000 years. This is what we tell our children, or at least one of the versions of the story.
          It was our own greed and hate that lead to the fall of man. Fortunately for us enough humans survived and were able to reproduce and replenish our species. The whole idea of poles wandering at an alarming rate is fabricated and unproven. That was the best thing that our government could come up with, that and global warming. Scientific research, funded through the government, always delivers data that agrees with the plausibility of wandering poles or massive volcanic explosions sending volcanic debris into the atmosphere causing an ice age, but never any evidence of the change in the poles.
          Those who seek out the truth know what really happened, nuclear holocaust. The idea has been around for a long while, and it most certainly not the first time big brother stepped in to thin the population. The aids virus that desolated the entire African continent was later proven to be engineered for one purpose, to kill the infected host. Plenty of documentation and scientific articles have been published on the possibility of human genocide and a rebirth.
          This brings us to all the rules made about family size, education, and environmental standards, to keep us from poisoning and destroying the land we inhabit.
          Is it moral for someone to administer ultimate control in order to protect the species from extinction? As a firm believer in the ancient scientist Darwin, I do believe that for effort of self preservation alone we must educate and regulate. The old world burned because the gene pool was being diluted by murders, schizophrenics and other abnormalities being reproduced. If we cannot save everyone then we must protect the strong, then we will breach our human potential.

I relaxed against my desk chair and stretched. Looking at the only clock in the room it was far too late to be awake. Soon the sun would be rising and the day would begin.
          “Ughh…another day without any sleep.” I yawned to myself. I had been up later working on a history paper for a class due the next day. I saved the document and pushed away from the desk across my room to the closet. The chair glided slowly over the polished wood floor. I stood up when I could reach the closet and shrugged off my gym shorts in exchange for some more durable clothes. The sun peeked slowly over the horizon and flooded my room with bright light. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror.
          “Yuck.” I sighed as I took in my appearance. Shaggy brown hair sticking in random directions, a measly 5.8’’, lean muscles on a lean frame my dad always said. I made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and try to control my hair. I heard murmurs from the kitchen as my parents finished breakfast and left to catch a ride to work. They both worked for the almighty omnipresent government. I never bothered to ask what my mother did, but my father was a scientist for the green power arm of the government. Fossil fuels were outlawed once the government reformed and all energy was from the earth. My father worked on projects to enhance flow of energy from one source to another. He developed a new isotope for some complex silicon structure that was much more effective in catching all the spectrums of the Suns rays. They gave him a raise for his work on humanity. His most recent project he couldn’t tell me about but it had to do with the ability to absorb or even summon the free energy from through a dynamic medium. At that point in the conversation he would lose me, something lame that he just can’t talk about. The government is a little authoritarian like that. They keep a lot from the general public, ignorance is bliss I guess. I strolled back into my room to pick my effects, these damned cell phones everyone has, my set of house keys, and a pocket knife my father gave me for a present a while back.

Okay that is the end of PAGE TWO and it doesn't seem like I need to make any large Changes...
I will have to start an Outline soon....

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