Friday, January 21, 2011

The beginning is near the ritual continues...

Thank goodness it is Friday...If you are reading this then you are someone involved in the process so thank you for checking seems in order to maintain above water and not get ahead of myself I must strive for simplicity.
The most simple game engine should be the one used, the ideals of the game will be all I need...In reality I would like a sort of Tron world. A huge grid and it will be the users vs the programs. Users can interact with other users but usually only to kill the programs. Programs carry all sorts of loot...things needed to gain experience.
Maybe what I am looking for is a browser based game engine...I hate to say it but a facebook-like application only I can't be hosted by facebook that idea is just appalling.

So far for game engines we have:
Panda 3D hosted by Disney...its cute
Xtremeworld (This one is practically already set up for an MMO atmosphere)
Effect Games (This one looks pretty good IMO)

Click the links to get more information about those game engines....I would like to work with any of them depending on my investors...
Speaking on that note for one moment...I have added a 'donate' button at the bottom of the screen for those who are feeling charitable.
Feel free to leave responses on which game engine would be best for my gaming ideas.

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