Sunday, January 23, 2011

So it would seem...The artist must be censored.

I just received correspondence with seems to me if I continue with my story of Ravage Ritual my Ad sense account may be offense from the company I would understand completely. As it is written RR gets very aggressive with some risky situations.

Seems I will have to censor myself a bit if I want to continue with the story on the interwebs...
It should make no difference however I usually was vulgar just for the pleasure of being brash. However some scenes will have to be modified greatly....I will have to make the document available for download ....

Currently you would find me at the COD at ISU watching my soul mate hard at work.

Also...I haven't decided on the game engine yet...I do realize it is Sunday and most people are not at work. I put in a good 5 hours today. Good possibilities on a new environment with new people.

For those I love I will sacrifice.

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