Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New business possibilities...always searching for something more

Well I have been going to other places of business looking for a dollar and a dream....looks like another kitchen will hire me on for better than my hourly wage at the previous Pub...that is nice and all but if I want to get my ideals rolling more will have to be done.
I figure first order of fund raising will be done on the college campus during the warm months. Selling beverages and snacks to students waiting for the bus may have some value....
Also 900 shares of GMTI should be accumulating some cents here in the next few months...
ChaCha just fired me because I didn't answer enough questions to keep my guide rating up...thats just sad
Xtremeworlds may be the engine for use in the beta testing....I may have to make a facebook group to get people to notice the project that is happening.

Time for breakfast...

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