Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tom Clancy's The Division Beta is almost over

If you were like me and very curious about the potential for Tom Clancys "The Division", hopeful you scored a beta code and were able to jump in....but if you didn't allow me to sum up my
Comparing destiny to the division is not acceptable. They are not even close enough to compare accurately, but for the sake of argument I will give it a try.
The division and destiny both have "open" roaming worlds. The division and destiny both use guns as a main damage dealing medium. The division and destiny both have character inventory slots to equip armor...anything more than that and the two are not alike.
The division is a 3rd person shooter where flaking and staying under cover while engaging enemies is key. After a few hundred hours of this gameplay you will get bored. I am very interested to see if The Division can come up with any interesting boss mechanics.
The beta doesnt really give you enough story to get to a 'boss' but it does open up a section of the darkness zone - which is a free roam PvE & PvP battleground. Its a very cool idea so far, quite a bit of fin as long as you are with a team...I really cannot suggest going in solo or you will just get destroyed by a team of 4.
Anyone can shoot at you and kill you, people who kill other players get flagged as a rouge and they are worth points to kill, so be careful. When you kill a player you have a timer until you are no longer a rouge. When killed as a rouge you lose more experience, money, and most of your items.
Anything you pick up in the DZ must be extracted to be decontaminated.

TLDR: It has some potential - not as smooth as destiny

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