Thursday, March 10, 2016

Howl's Moving Castle - Absolute Perfection from Studio Ghibli

Howl's Moving Castle(100/100) 

This is my very close second favorite Studio Ghibli movie. It has wizards, witches and wars. Everything you could want in a movie. Beautiful scenery and exciting magic...also some very interesting life lessons to be learned. Howl's Moving Castle has a easy to follow storyline that most children will be able to follow and love. If you are not a child don't worry about getting too bored because the storyline is intense enough to keep everyone of all age groups interested.

This is truly a magical tale about two people who fall in love.

A quick summery:
The story starts out with a young girl who is a hat maker. Unfortunately it seems she happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time...however after you watch the movie a few times you will realize her fate gets tied into that of Howl's and the entire storyline is destined to happen over and over and over again. The young hat maker is closing up her shop when an ugly woman enters the place and curses the young girl so she will eventually meet up with Howl and deliver a letter.
The moving castle itself doesn't look much like a castle at all but a sort of run down collection of buildings on moving legs. As we proceed through the movie we learn the castle is magical and being held together mostly by the power of a fire demon who has made a deal with master Howl.
The wizard in question is fighting both sides of the war trying to make the senseless struggle end. He has at least two aliases and two places of residence in either of the major cities that are at war. He eventually gets called to serve in the war for both sides.

Eventually he keeps pushing his magical skills too far and turns into a massive raven when he fights off the battleships. After too much longer the storyline gets a little tangled and you will have to see it to believe I certainly suggest watching this movie.

At the very end of the movie we get a glimpse of his new and improved moving castle....if you are like me then seeing castle in the sky is something only in dreams.

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