Friday, March 11, 2016

Compet game by Mindark

This new mobile game from the makers of entropia universe looks awesome and I cant wait to jump in....too bad its still 2 months away
Entropia Universe Global Crowd Investment
Entropia Universe takes Global Crowd Funding to the next level with the Development of Compet a Real Cash based Competitive Pet Battle App and Browser Game. Entropia Universe is  an $80 Million Dollar Virtual Trading Platform that has maintained its position for over a decade as the Pioneer of Real Cash Virtual World economics with its groundbreaking Multi-Planet Virtual Universe, which has set numerous World Records for Most Valuable Virtual Items including Moons, Asteroids,  Planets, Space stations, Weapons and Treasures which contribute to an annual GNP of over $300,000,000 USD.
The First Crowd funding Campaign in Entropia Universe started in December 2011 and raised over $6,000,000 USD  through the distribution of  Virtual Land deeds for the Planet Calypso. Unlike Traditional Crowd funding Websites which only allow Backers to receive thanks or Product Rewards from the Campaigns, Entropia Universe allows backers to receive Revenue participation from the Projects backed. Deed Holders in Planet Calypso have collected over $3.5 Million USD in Revenue since the launch of the campaign. Another Feature that makes Entropia Universe Crowd funding so exciting is the player auction which allows backers to securely trade their Deeds in the secondary market. Calypso Land Deeds currently trade at appx 150% of the initial offering price at a Volume of 1,000 Deeds Per Month.
The COMPET Game which is built on the Backbone of the Entropia Universe Real Cash economy System will have a greater reach than all previous Entropia Universe Games as it is designed to be accessible on the Web through Browsers and as an App to anyone with a Smart Phone or Tablet
COMPET has already received over $200,000 USD in funding from the participiants of Entropia Universe now it’s your chance to Become a Backer of Compet and finally you will have the opportunity you truly deserve to enjoy the financial upside of Backing a Successful Crowd funded Project.

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