Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Entropia Universe | Competition Pets

Entropia Universe Com Pet
What is this something new from MindArk? Couldn't be....but here it is and with 4 updates to the
project non the less.
Most players are not enthusiastic about the launch of compet....but here are plenty of users who have faith.
Compet is a side game/min game for entropia universe where you will be able to have pets/monsters that will fight other people pets. In my humble opinion this should be an addictive money maker for MA, but with the companies history most users across entropia forums assume this app will be another 'failure to launch'. I have faith, I think it is time for MA to make some serious moves to improve the user experience. Now you don't need a high end computer to be part of Entropia Universe!

Here is the first bulletin eith some FAQs for those with questions.

MindArk is proud to announce that the auction of ComPet deeds is going very well, with over 1 million PED worth of deeds already acquired by participants looking forward to being part of the ComPet project. The MindArk team has been both thrilled and encouraged by the great amount of interest shown in ComPet so far! In this announcement and throughout the development cycle we will be sharing lots more information about the ComPet system, including design plans and concept art.
Entropia Universe ComPets
We have also collected a number of relevant questions received from support cases and community discussions, which we hope to answer in this inaugural ComPet Bulletin.
Why is MindArk creating a separate game on a different platform?
We have learned from our marketing efforts that many potential Entropia Universe participants are lost before even logging in to Entropia Universe due to inadequate computer requirements, internet bandwidth, or other factors. ComPet will give potential participants who are interested in the concept of Entropia Universe’s RCE-MMO but are unable to play the full PC version a chance to experience at least some part of the uniqueness of Entropia Universe.
It was announced that in the free-to-play portion of ComPet, one can win points. What are the points used for?
There will be multiple currencies in ComPet. ComPet points can be obtained through lots of dedication to the game, and used to upgrade your pets or home as an alternative to using PED that can be bought for real money.
Can you provide more information about a release date for ComPet?
Though it is hard to know for sure so early in the development process, we are currently planning for a release of the ComPet app in early 2015.
Will there be an alpha test process for ComPet deed holders?
A new game such as ComPet requires lots of testing and feedback, so this is something we definitely are considering.
Does this new project mean that MindArk’s development priorities have shifted away from Entropia Universe?
MindArk’s vision for Entropia Universe has always been about making the universe deeper and broader, with a variety of experiences and features available for participants of all interests. MindArk wishes to expand the RCE universe to improve the user experience while also creating more opportunities for participants to invest and earn profits. Introducing ComPet as a standalone game and connecting parts of it with Entropia Universe accomplishes both of those goals.
That being said, rest assured that MindArk will continue to develop the core Entropia Universe platform and content as it has done for over 10 years. Development of Entropia Universe will not be negatively affected in any way by the ComPet project.

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