Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Destiny | an epic video game

I've heard both sides of the argument for this new game destiny. It's one of the first of its kind...part mmorpg part FPS and it's all epic. If you are new to games made by bungie or if you read too much on the internet without playing the beta the. I could understand how you may be "disappointed" or left with a feeling I wantin more.... But the thing is the game is not over, it will evolve as time goes on and new content will come out... I'm sure level caps will raise and even skill trees may change. If you noticed and open spot next to your current skill tree you might have come to the same conclusion.
I've never really met anyone in "real life" that was disappointed with a short or... Ambiguous story line. Everyone I know tears through the story to get some decent gear and head to the crucible, and if you know bungie then you know the crucible is the only place to be....or farming mobs for decent loot.
The most important thing here to understand is there is more to come as bungie and company understand more how end users occupy their time in the destiny universe.
I am assuming new galaxies and maybe even a new class from one of the downloadables
All in all destiny is everything it said it was gonna be...if you want a super in depth, slow moving story line go play Final Fantasy or something ... This game is all FPS/hack and slash baddies, endless waves of baddies.

In closing, you want a story read a book...you want to kill endless waves of mobs or go against each other then get into destiny.

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