Friday, March 1, 2013

Save puppy from a pound

Maltese Puppy
     Many animals are collected and taken to the pound every year....everywhere around the united states some unfortunate animal has been left out in the cold without food or water. Some of these poor puppies are even rescued from puppy mills and those are the puppies I would like to attempt to save. The parents have been kept in cages and forced to reproduce as often as possible. These puppies then get nothing but neglect until they get pushed off onto some poor unsuspecting dog lover.

Maltese Puppy
Help me save these poop dogs that have been treated poorly but promising them a good home. 
I have plenty of land on my current residence to support many dogs. 

Please find it in your heart to help my cause and help pay for dog food and toys for these beautiful and loving puppies.

Here at the bottom of the post you can see a donation button. Every bit counts and most donate about 5$, but remember even 1$ will help ensure a puppy gets saved from the mill and saved from the pound.

Currently we are trying to adopt a Maltese mix named Benjamin. He had been found at a puppy mill and is nearing his end at his stay at the pound....please help me take this dog into a loving home and feed him. 

Thank you so much

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